Representative of the CODE GROUP
Commercial and development design consultant. Product and development creative director. Born in 1959, in Tokyo, Graduated from Faculty of Economics, Rikkyo University.

Mr..Yamamoto was advanced tennis player when he was young in age, and after he graduated from the Rikkyo University, he had the opportunity to join Magazine House Co., Ltd. (POPEYE) as a magazine editor. Then he had been working at Magazine House Co., Ltd. for eight years. During his eight years with POPEYE, he has experienced and accomplished global and business communication and work ethics. Also, the magazine (POPEYE), “DEKOBOKO STORY", (anan)magazine “CAFE SOCIETY“ wrote an essay about Mr..Yamamoto.

Since 1985, he has worked as a design consultant with a lot of cities around world. He also has a world wide range of travel experiences such as Restaurants and entertainments designs. He also appeared in numerous TV programs and magazines in captured a lot of Media coverage through his successful business and planning designs. Mr.. Yamamoto hosts the segment on NHK television program called "KOTETSU YAMAMOTO’S SMART TIME."

In early 90’s, he consulted for the planning of large commercial facilities .

He worked for Theme park, Resort hotel, Shopping center, Street & Area development. And he was appointed committee members from Government.

Since 2000, as a business executive of the CODE GROUP, he has involved in commercial development, the construction of hotels, amusement parks in the Asia Pacific areas.

kotetsu yamamoto